Monday, March 5, 2018

Guess Who *Else* Is Coming To Spring Training?

"Hmm, is that a sunset? I don't think so!"

Ichiro is 44 years old, but he still has the fire and desire to play at the major league level.

It's been a slow off-season for a lot of veteran players, and it was starting to look like Ichiro was going to have to find work back in Japan.

Not yet! The Seattle Mariners have stepped up to make a 1 year offer to the all-time great. No Sunset for Ichiro, we're going to get to enjoy him a little bit longer.


  1. These are some cool looking Ichiro cards, especially the Stadium Club, 2017 Bunt, and Lineage. It's great to see him return to Seattle. I hope he can squeeze out another solid year.

  2. Argh. I hadn't heard that news yet, and I was pretty excited until I learned it was with the Mariners. I mean, I guess it's pretty cool he's going back to where he started his MLB career, but it also means one more roster spot that can't go to Dan Vogelbach. Sigh.
    I still wish him the best... he's one of the easy ones to root for!

  3. Despite the fact that they have no need for his services and he has not been connected to the franchise in anyway, I was secretly hoping that, somehow and for some reason, the Cubs would sign Ichiro. As it stands, I'm just happy that he's back for at least another year and in his proper uniform, for that matter.