Monday, January 15, 2018

COMC - Checking Off My Checklists

Channel 10 wants to know which 80s cards Willie thinks I still need from my wantlist.

Willie is partial to the 1980 playoff run of his own Royals - I certainly did need to add these three.

Willie said I'd have to look closely to improve my vision - or just get two pairs of glasses.

Action shots are great, but sometimes there are great moments just outside the lines as well. Larry doesn't want to share his helmet with anyone.

Add in a few Hall of Famers and a Hall of Fame moustache, and that should be a nice group of cards for one shipment.

Willie also thought it was worth looking a little further into the future every once in a while - as great as 80s cardboard can be, the 90s can surprise you sometimes as well.


  1. That Hough might be the holy grail for knuckleball collectors. Don't remember ever seeing it before.