Monday, December 25, 2017

Johnny Claus

John of Johnny's Trading Spot might as well be the real Santa Claus - so many blogging boys and girls know of the generosity that he has shown over the years as a trading partner. I was surprised and not at all surprised that Johnny sent over a bubble mailer with a PWE chaser this month.

Allen & Ginter loves those minis, and so do I!

Landreaux has his head in the clouds on this Kellogg's 3-D All-Star card, one of my favorite cards of the 1980s.

Johnny came through with parallels!

and inserts!

and Horizontal Heroes (that included both parallels and inserts)

He always hits my bat rack collection in style.

Finally, the best that Donruss has to offer these days, Studio!

Thanks again John, and Merry Christmas!