Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sorting Sunday

I have been spending the day sifting through and sorting all my Minnesota Twins "M" players - they are the biggest stack by far, not just because of Joe Mauer.
For example, here's a table full of unique Justin Morneau cards sorted by year. Mauer and Morneau have a ton of cards, but there are tons of Twins like David McCarty, Pat Mahomes, Pat Meares, Joe Mays, Doug Mientkiewicz, Shane Mack - none of them super stars, but so. many. cards.

I am making steady progress, and my goal is still to finish the sorting and cataloging by the end of summer!


  1. This reminds me ... I need to get back to the sorting project I started last month and haven't touched in a few weeks.

  2. I haven't touched my PCs guys (other than to put them in boxes) in over a year. Feel free to start with A when your done with yours, lol.

  3. Fall waits on the of luck!!

  4. Sorting Sundays are the best Sundays.

  5. I really... really... really need to do this with my A's and Padres cards. I'm just really... really... really lazy. Glad one of us is using his time wisely.

  6. I dream that my boss will one day tell me "Matt, I hear you have a bunch of cards that need to be sorted." "How about you take 30 days off to get the job done."

    1. I wonder if bloggers can hire interns?