Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Late Night #Supertrade

I usually post in the morning, but I usually write the posts in the evening. I might be the opposite of the my trading partner, as my job starts so early that I usually leave the house around 5:15 in the morning.

Switching it up a bit tonight, going to watch the World Series and feature a trade with the great blogger and Dodger fan, Night Owl.
 Fittingly, we start with a night card.

 Sano and Berrios are going to look to come back strong next season. Berrios has a strict workout routine, they,ve nicknamed him La Maquina (The Machine). Sano, for his part, does this:

 There was a great mix of older cards, Newer cards that look old. Older players that look new, and Chip Hale! Chip usually wore #4 for the Twins, he had slightly smaller career numbers than the other #4, Lou Gehrig.
 The best and the brightest were on display as well.
 Vargas is tearing up the Winter League in Puerto Rico. Not saying, just saying. #FREEKENNYS2017 may or may not become a trending topic in the Summer.

Some more great stuff, Roolie of the Year Marty Cordova, and the awesome Hosken Powell.

Thanks Greg! Best of luck with your sorting project!


  1. Hosken Powell.. Spent some time in Toronto.. Then again, so did Cordova.

    Nice batch of cards

  2. Thanks for the evening post! I often wonder how the morning posters do it, posting the evening before makes sense. I shudder to think what my posts would look like if I wrote them in the morning.