Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nick Checks Off Every Box

 I recently completed the first trade in a long time with Nick from the essential Dime Boxes blog. It's been a busy summer, and I've been trying to focus on Super Trades and writing longer blog posts (when I have the time to post at all). So, it was long overdue! Nick sent back some tremendous cardboard, that checked off every box. Just look at that 1969 Topps Checklist! Unmarked and Super Sharp all around. The Great Tony O on the front and it is pretty much a perfect card.
 Everything from Vintage . . .
 to the latest Topps releases, Archives and Series 2 (which FINALLY appeared in my city a couple days ago.).
Oddballs, Parallels, Prospects, Hall of Famers, Fan Favorites! Nick is an expert envelope stuffer and this latest was a big hit.

Thanks again Nick for another great trade!

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