Sunday, April 3, 2016

Let The #supertrader Good Times Roll

 T.J. -- Aka the Junior Junkie -- sent over a nice package of Twins last week. Part of this massive missive right here, I'm sure. Let the good times roll!
 Future Twins - Harrison, Meyer, and Polanco have all had a taste of MLB action.
 2016 Twins
 Bert! I did not have that '91 Stadium Club - nice!
 A "classic" from a much maligned set, 96 Topps.
 This was a pretty cool oddball hologram. The back mentions that Knoblauch's idol was Ozzie Smith, and he rooted against the Twins during the 1987 World Series.
Rounded out with some fun parallels. Parmelee is numbered to just 199! Thanks T.J.!


  1. Never heard of Holoprism before - I wonder how those were distributed? Very cool.

  2. Nice package. I got a great package from TJ myself

  3. I, too, had never heard of Holoprism. Nice card, though.

  4. I think the Holoprism card blew everyones mind. It was new to me as well.