Tuesday, February 26, 2019

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! The 1988 Topps Traded Set

There are some combinations of years (1988), teams (Dodgers) and players (Kirk Gibson), that seem forever linked together. The Topps Traded Set gives the collector the opportunity to get everything they remember all in the same place.

Four Hall of Famers in the set, including Roberto Alomar's rookie card. One of the newest members, Lee Smith makes an appearance, still in the prime of his career. Frank Robinson is managing again, now about to turn around a dismal Orioles team and lead them through a thrilling pennant race. Goose Gossage returns to the Windy City, this time with the Cubs.

The backs are once again a day-glo version of the base set, if the "T" on the card number wasn't enough of a hint, surely the bright colors will tip you off that these are from the Traded Set.

Lots of rookies in this set, including a young Brady Anderson, pre-sideburns. Rookie Cup Winners Buhner, Gant, Grace, Sabo, and Weiss have their Rookie Cards here in the '88 Traded set.

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! These guys were on the '88 Gold Medal winning Olympic Team. All four were first round picks in 1988 as well.

Some of my personal faves from the set. A hilarious expression on Chili Davis' face. The A's and the Reds were loading up for a 1990 confrontation in the World Series. The Athletics were really aggressive in acquiring new players in the late 80s - they weren't shy about trying some things out.

After a big year in 1987, just one Twin in the 1988 Traded Set. It cost the Twins Tom Brunansky to get this guy, and man he just wasn't the right fit. Chuck Knoblauch fortunately came along soon after this in the draft to take over at second base.

Here are some salty ornery old baseball lifers, for ya. 

Yikes! That's some bad airbrushing, buddy! I mean, Buddy!


  1. The airbrushing on Buddy's hat is so bad... it almost seems like Topps actually airbrushed the entire hat onto his head. I actually had the chance to buy this set last week at the flea market for $5. After seeing the Abbott, Alomar, and Ventura... I'm starting to think I messed up.

  2. I freaking love the 1988 designs Topps used in football and baseball , the backs of the 1988 baseball were really cool to me as a kid and still are!