Friday, April 1, 2022

Soup's On!

 No, not Dave Campbell - 

I'm talking the good stuff! 

I'm taking the blog in a new direction! 

From now on, it's SOUP - All day, everyday. 

Tired of those lazy Topps Heritage sets, I'm switching over to my Irish heritage with a nice potato soup!

I'm trading in my baseball cards for recipe cards!

Pass the SOUP!

Next week - "CHOWDER!"


  1. B^)

    If you really do want to cover soup, you have to visit Singapore. Best soups in the world. I'll hook you up with the best places.

  2. Fun post today! You and Gavin both seem to have had food on the brain. I love the Campbell's pack, hadn't seen that one before.

  3. I love me some soup! Could really use a bowl of French onion from Flemings right now.

  4. There's a Soupy Campbell in the same Play Ball set as Hot Potato.

  5. Love the variety! I'd throw in a Soupy Sales card--but I don't have one either.