Monday, December 24, 2018

The Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary Future?

Beltre, Mauer, David Wright and Victor Martinez have all retired - Ichiro possibly has played his final MLB game as well. Bartolo Colon wants to keep playing, but he is one of the few players left from my school days. It means a new chapter in my cheering life, as I can no longer see myself clearly in the same area code as the professional athlete. But this blog is just entering its 5th season, still full of potential.

The Topps All-Star Rookie blog Series will be back in 2019, with a quick detour about the lost years of 1979 - 1986. No Cups or trophies were to be found on the cards, but the card company still named a roster of young talent annually. Of course, the Cup made a triumphant return in 1987, with the 1962 inspired wood grain set.

Player Collections will keep on keeping on - especially trying to "finish" the Kennys Vargas MLB collection, and getting started on the new kid in town, Starting Pitcher Fernando Romero. There will be  mini-collection posts too - did I really start a mini-collection of players on the phone?

There will be oddballs! Like, what even is that last one? Cat League Baseball?

I'll be working on the 1959 Set as well, and maybe maybe I'll finish it during its 60th anniversary.

Looking forward to the 2019 issues from Topps and Panini, too -I'll be sharing thoughts on those and much much more.