Sunday, October 8, 2017

Saturday Was Card Show Day (The Power of One)

I came to the card show this weekend because the vintage guy that moved away a couple years ago was in town. He still has family in the area, so he makes at least one trip a year to Minnesota, which is great for collectors that like a big variety of affordable vintage. This time he brought over some fantastic things.

How could I pass up this Stormy Weatherly from 1941? It was practically a steal at eight bucks.

Brace yourself . . .

No need to adjust your screen - this card really is that washed out. Major sun damage (?) faded the card down to almost nothing. But that made Mickey a mighty bargain at just $12 bucks.

the Vintage Guy also had two boxes of dollar cards, and I snapped up a nice stack of cards.

I mean, a really nice stack.

Really, very, nice and good.

This fantastic Ernie Banks was a little bit over a buck, but not by much.

Last but certainly not least, I found the penultimate card needed for my 1956 Topps Set, Yankees hurler Whitey Ford.

The only card left to go is Don Larsen, part of the same Yankees rotation as Mr. Ford. I had a bit of a Goldilocks situation on my hands. The vintage guy had a copy of the card, but it was in terrible condition. I decided that I only want to buy that card once, so I had to pass. Another vendor had a Near Mint copy of the card, but his asking price of $50 was too much for me. I will have to finish the set another day, but I was happy to get my wantlist down to one!


  1. Great vintage! Love the no hitter Spahn

  2. Wow! Great haul. I think I have a Stormy card too. Baseball name HOF?

  3. It looks like you did really well as far as the vintage portion of your show purchases go. One has to wonder how that Mantle got so faded, I can't say that I've ever even seen something like that before.

    Oh, and congrats on now being only one card shy of completing the '56 set!

  4. Stormy Weatherly has to be one of the best baseball names/nicknames ever. Spectacular finds from that dollar box as well, that's the kind of selection I dream about finding in discount vintage bins. I buy pretty much every one of those Nu-Scoops cards I can find.

    Too bad that Mantle didn't have a pinkish hue (if I correctly noticed a Seinfeld reference in this post)...

  5. You pretty much covered all of the bases by grabbing a Kellogg's card, a vintage Mantle, and and a 1956 Topps hall of famer. Great haul!

  6. Holy smokes, you had quite the haul!

  7. Well done on that Whitey Ford ! *scratches it off his own Brian list*