Thursday, March 16, 2017

Playing with House Money

Still have a tiny shop left at COMC, and recently was gently reminded that negative balances are not permitted if you want to sell your cards on the site.

I was surprised to find that I actually had a small surplus, so thanks to anyone that picked through the junk to find something they could use!

Being the responsible salesman that I am, I immediately re-invested those precious credits on new cardboard for myself.

The biggest (literally) purchase was this Minnie Minoso Exhibit postcard - it is the blank tan back version. If I remember correctly "Made in U.S.A." vs. All Caps or "Printed in" means this was from 1951 - 1953. The card is listed as 1947-1966 Exhibit, but I think early 50s is probably a fair guess. Assuming this isn't a reprint!

Rickey is leaping into the ivy, and a Trio of Mannys!
Always looking to add a few new to me Twins, too.
Some sweet Dave Winfield cards that were on my list.
This Kennys Vargas card is numbered to 25 - I'm running out of Kennys to collect!
Couldn't leave without some horizontal heroes - The relic is Moises Alou.
Found this very affordable auto from "Twig" - rounding out a pretty nice haul from the site. I would never call myself a serious card seller. I've only sent one shipment to COMC to date, and I don't know that I'll be sending more - I don't really go for the big dollar sets, so I usually don't have premium, top dollar cards to sell. In fact, I'd much rather trade those cards than sell them anyway!

 If you want to see what's left at my COMC store, you can find it here - still a couple interesting things, and I am open to lower offers most of the time.