Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stopping on a Dime

(Fist Pump) Yes! Nick from the Dime Boxes Blog posted this awesome card of "Sarge" the other day and I mentioned it was my favorite of the post - turns out he had doubles! Great news for me, because this cards is fantastic. He didn't stop there, though:
Just a sample of the awesome selection - Nick has a knack for finding the gems, as you can tell from his blog.
Some Horizontal Heroes - I really appreciate that the Upper Deck set lists the exact day that the photo was taken. Take THAT, Topps NOW!
Some new and some right in that sweet spot of lost collecting years from the late 90s to mid 00s. The scanner did a nice job capturing the shine of the Hrbek card.

Thanks again Nick, another great package!


  1. Big Papi looks so weird in a Twins uniform. (No offense meant toward your Twins.)

    1. None taken, I feel the same way about Tom Brunansky in a Red Sox uni.

    2. He looks weird cuz the total lack of steroids in his system.

  2. You are very welcome, my friend! I totally agree about those '90s Upper Deck cards. I absolutely LOVE the exact date listings, they make the cards feel more personal in an odd way. 1997 UD might be the most underrated set ever.