Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kenny5 Varga5

Yikes. This was a tough auction to win. I am happy to have this card. I still have not seen the Series 1 Vargas Acetate Card numbered to 10, and I will keep my fingers crossed, but this beauty is a nice consolation prize for the moment...

Topps Mini Red numbered 2/5 !

And guess what just came in the mail yesterday from Matt of Bob Walk the Plank fame...

Well,  Hellllooo there Kenny5! The rest of the Break / Trade with Matt will come later this week, stay tuned for even more Kennys!

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I was away from technology all day yesterday so I'm just seeing this now. Glad you liked the Vargas. I got in a little bidding war on this one as well but it still ended at a reasonable price. I think he must have a cult following.

    1. He definitely does - it can be frustrating for me, I used to lose a fair number of auctions on his cards because I was bidding like a normal person instead of a crazy person. Now I'm the guy everyone else hates, I think. I'll own it.