Thursday, January 29, 2015

Highly Subjective

Are you "Condition Sensitive"? I like to think that I am not. But reality sets in when I am at a card show and confronted with options on vintage cards.

The whole thing is Highly Subjective! I shouldn't be ok with any of this:

if I'm vehemently opposed to this:

I mean, that Jackie Robinson is trimmed, fer cryin' out loud! There's creases all over that Killebrew! And yet, I think everyone has their limits and everyone has their own version of "Acceptable."

Some of it comes down to price, of course. If I'm looking at cards that cost $5 or less in NM condition, then, yes, of course I don't want to get one that is beat up, because it doesn't really save me that much money.

I'm pickier about commons than Hall Of Famers. Rounded corners and/or creases don't bother me nearly as much as miscut cards. Cards have been written on don't even bug me that much, depending on the card. Hammerin' Hank can be Autographed by a gawky 1950's teen, but that 1988 Donruss Julio Franco has to be gem mint if I'm parting with my dime. Some sets just don't look good if they are a little dinged up (black borders, or even solid color borders like the 1963 Topps set).

What are your deal breakers for card condition? Where do you let things slide a little more?


  1. Vintage (pre-81 for me) is far less an issue when it comes to condition. The older it is, the less I care.

    1. To be honest, with the exception of being a bit OCD about centering, I almost prefer that a vintage card has a little wear to it.