Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Willians Astudillo - Baseball Royalty

Willians Astudillo is currently on the Twins' injured list, suffering from a hamstring strain. Major bummer, as he missed out on Willians Astudillo day at Target Field, but he's already running sprints(!) and expects to take grounders tomorrow and hopes to back in the lineup soon.

Gypsy Queen came out about a month ago now, but I've yet to see any at my local Target. Thankfully, Jim from cards as i see them got my Willians Gypsy Queen collection started with the base card, and I've started to hunt for the rest of the parallels.

So far we have the missing nameplate variation, and three colored parallels - purple, green, and indigo. There's plenty more to chase; a black & white version, a red version, a logo swap version, etc etc.