Sunday, May 26, 2019

Utz Great To Have A Friend in the Diamond Business

Just a quick one today, I received a couple great cards from twitter great and blog reader extraordinaire Mark Hoyle. He's been very generous with the cards from his potato chip bags for those of us not lucky enough to be on the East Coast to partake in Utz. The logo reminds me a bit of the comic strip character Nancy. She was a very long running syndicated comic strip, and recently has had a renaissance under Olivia Jaimes, who has given the character new life with modern sensibilities and retaining the original spirit of the old strip. See what I mean?

Also in the envelope was this autograph of lefty starter Scott Diamond. He had a brief run with the Twins but I do appreciate a good baseball name like Diamond, or last year's reserve outfielder Johnny Field, or Grant Balfour, Bob Walk, etc etc.

Panini knew it too, and was happy to write some copy on it. I appreciate Diamond stylizing his autograph to make the first "D" in Diamond look like, well, a diamond.

Diamond reminded me of the old Shane Co. commercials. I used to think that Shane Co. was just a local business, but apparently they have stores in 13 states across the country - kind of like Utz, they have a well known name if you live in a certain part of the states.

Thanks for the cards, Mark! It's great having a friend in the Diamond business!


  1. Came for the tom Shane mention. Thanks.

  2. NIce comparison to Nancy. I was thinking the exact same thing. I also see Putz every time I see these cards in a post.

  3. It's weird hearing his ad for locations in another city. I can recite the Denver ones from memory. "Just off Arapahoe Road at Emporia Street one half-mile east of I-25, or in Westminster off the Boulder Turnpike at 104th. Open Monday through Friday 'til 8, Saturday and Sunday 'til 5, or online at"