Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Willians Donrusstudillo!

Willians Astudillo is a fan favorite and is finally getting his cardboard due after a 9 year minor league odyssey. Today, let's look at Panini's contribution to the Willians Astudillo oeuvre.

The back is a simple statement of the facts. Astudillo has slumped a bit, and his career batting average has dropped to .342.

Astudillo didn't make it into the exclusive Donruss Optic checklist, but he still gets a nice variety of shiny cards, these refractor-ish cards are called "Holo" parallels. Pink, Purple, and Gold.

Panini is using the MLB promotional holidays as parallels as well. This one is for Independence Day, there's also Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Jackie Robinson Day.

It's the 150th Anniversary of... 1869. This is the "official" anniversary of professional baseball, and this year is the big 'ol Sesquicentennial. Big Whoop! 

Last but not least, they made the back shiny for this parallel, numbered to 99 copies. Hit me up if you have any of the parallels not shown here from 2019 Donruss, I'd be interested!


  1. Astudillo was a my catcher down the stretch in my fantasy league last year and he really helped me out. He has a unique skill set with the bat and seems to be a pretty good dude. I'm a fan!

  2. I really like this guy. Can't wait to see more of his highlights!

  3. thanks for the intro to Stud! I'll be looking for him to do well, and for a few shiny cards! This Donruss is sharp!