Saturday, March 25, 2017

Everything Seems to be in Order Here

Tom from The Angels, In Order sent over a jam packed mailer this week. Tom collects a lot of the more overlooked cards in the hobby - the checklists, the special offers, the contest cards. He sent over a very cool contest card from a 1983 box of Super Sugar Crisp (now known as Golden Crisp to hide the evil killer sugar inside) The text mentions the architectural marvel just completed the prior season, The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome!
A Few stickers 1982 Fleer Stamps and a tiny Kent Hrbek! Can you name the three players on the stamps? Answers at the end of the post.
Tom included these awesome blue parallels
Inserts and GOLD
Checking off some 1993 Fleer. Randy Bush put his initials on his wristband and his uni number on his bat - gotta keep an eye on your stuff in spring training!
Some more horizontal heroes - with Jack Morris giving Danny Gladden a big bear hug after scoring the Game and Series winning run to finish the 1991 World Series.
These are all from the "1992" Skydome Set. I put the year in quotes because this is the 1991 Stadium Club design, so to me it's more like a 1991 Stadium Club Update set.
Even more parallels and now that I'm finally organized I know for a fact that I didn't have the Oswaldo Arcia Red Foil Parallel. Pretty exciting to be sure!
That's quite the wad of chaw in Carew's cheek. Awesome well-loved vintage!
Another parallel this is the "gold signature" variation of the Upper Deck card
And finally, a 1986 Fleer Star Sticker of Kirby!

Very cool stuff, thanks Tom! I'm putting together some #supertrader packages this weekend, hope to send them out early next week!

The guys on the stamps - 228 - Roy Smalley, Jr. ; 227 - Doug Corbett ; 229 - Gary Ward


  1. Glad you liked the stuff. I never could get over those high school yearbook photos Topps used on the Dome cards.

    1. Ha! Yes, Lifetouch must have gotten a nice check from Topps.

  2. Kirby Puckett "Future Heroes". Wasn't he already an pretty established star in the league by the time that card was printed?

    1. He's one of the "Future Heroes" with Bonds, Clemens, Frank Thomas, McGwire, Griffey, Juan Gonzalez, and Roberto Alomar.
      It's kind of a stretch, but they were "future" heroes compared to past Upper Deck "Hero" subjects like Reggie Jackson, Hank Aaron, Bench/Joe Morgan, and Willie Mays.
      The previous Hero inserts were always retired players, so now the current players are "Future" Heroes....

  3. 91 Stadium Club and its senior class photos. Some of the oddest rookie cards I've seen.