Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What's On Your Mind?

For the first time, I've made a card purchase via Facebook. I joined a few Facebook groups for trading / selling / etc. - my ultimate goal is to find that elusive Kennys Vargas Clear parallel, but in the meantime I will scope out other deals and opportunities as they come up.

 So, here's what I bought - small to start, it's a Kirby Puckett Don't-Call-It-A-Refractor "Prizm"
 Seller tossed in the base card too - Prizm on the left, base on the right.
And here's the card that got me interested in the first place, a Miguel Sano auto from 2014 Bowman Sterling. Pre-rookie, post "1st Bowman," but a nice pick up nonetheless. I had to check to see if I already had this one before buying, but it turns out it's new to me! Local MN sellers at the shows want top dollar for Sano autos, which is understandable.

Pretty easy sale, the seller used PayPal, so I felt o.k. if I lost the money or the cards on this first deal, both were small enough investments to be worth taking a tiny risk.

Do you buy or trade over Facebook? Wanna invite me to your super cool trading group? Let me know in comments or send me an e-mail.


  1. Nice looking Kirby. Don't do Facebook. Done a couple of trades on Twitter

  2. Nice Sano! I am hoping he has a great season this year.

  3. I know there are hobby-oriented groups on FB but I never considered buying that way. Honestly I'll stick with eBay and COMC. The less I deal with FB the better.

    1. I would prefer trades on social media over purchasing as well, but I am open to either.

  4. I've never made a FB trade, purchase, or sale. I've used a couple of forums though... and of course blogs.