Saturday, March 11, 2017

Just the 'fax, Ma'am

I'm usually not one to make a one card only post, however....
 I just landed this milestone card for my 1956 Set build, and I'm super pumped. At the card shows locally, there are a couple vendors that have a copy of this card, all in great condition. The lowest asking price - $125. That's too rich for my blood, especially when I'm trying to scrimp and save for the Mantle.
This card was foound on eBay, and it was pure chance as I was specifically trying to win a Kennys Vargas card. once that auction ended, I decided to peek at 1956 Topps auctions and this one was almost over. The card was graded (2)  and I noticed that no one had placed a bid on it yet. I put in an opening bid and ended up winning it 10 minutes later as the only bidder!

I'm now down to the final 25 or so cards in the set. Mickey Mantle looms large, but I can see the end of the road!


  1. That is awesome! It looks like a very nice example, the small crease is sort of hidden by his hat. Congrats! Keep it going.

  2. Thank goodness you freed it from its' prison!