Wednesday, March 22, 2017

From the Clubhouse, A Studio.

Adam from Cardboard Clubhouse peppered the blogosphere with mailings, and I found a nice PWE in my mailbox the other day when I got home. Jack Morris is showing the grip of his split fingered fastball, a pitch that served him well in his single season in Minnesota.
Two more Studios and a pair of 84 Topps to add.
Showing the backs of these 93 Donruss, as I think I've shown the fronts before. I remember being impressed with Donruss in 1993 (and 1992) when they added a full color photo to the back of the card.
Upper Deck, of course, had been rocking the full color photo since their beginning. I do appreciate when Hrbie gets on the horn - "OK, two XL with extra Cheese and all the meats - oh, hey do you guys want anything?" I kid, I kid.
There were a few recent ones as well - Danny Santana's the only man standing as Parm, Swarzie, and Ozzie have all moved on to new clubs.

Thanks for the cards, Adam!


  1. The Brian Harper card is a work of art!

  2. Donruss is missing the boat. Done right, Studio would pull in the collectors. I miss those cards!

    1. or Panini I should say. either way...Studio would sell.