Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#SuperTraders Come in All Sizes.

 Jeff from 2X3 Heroes provided a ton of great cardboard - big and small. Check out this awesome Trevor May mini-relic!
 Short Printed Mini! I'll be checking in on Kennys throughout the year- I'll be sad if he gets traded, but it might be the best thing for his ML career at this point.
 Photo Variation Mauer Mini! Mini insert!
 Speaking of inserts - These tiny decals were old school 80s Topps inserts.
 Hicksie! From all accounts, it looks like he's going to be a fourth outfielder in NY- but I bet he'll have a bigger role once Beltran and company move on.
 Lewis Thorpe is another in a long line of Aussies the Twins have signed. He's coming back this season after an arm injury - before the injury, he had a live fastball and some filthy stuff. Hope he's healed up and work his way up the organizational ladder.
Buxton was a Cedar Rapids Kernel for a brief period, but he was just too good to stay. The new Starting Centerfielder has some big expectations on his shoulders.

Thanks Jeff!


  1. Jeff is great ! plenty of nice stuff in there, but I really like those decals

    1. Aren't they awesome? I am guessing that they are probably more scarce than the garden variety insert, I assume that kids peeled the stickers off right away (as well they should have). These were a couple years before I started ripping packs - I mostly got the Fleer Stickers and stuck them on folders and card storage boxes.