Friday, April 8, 2016

A #super Pop Up PWE

Mark Hoyle is very quick with the PWE! I will do my best to keep up with him. Here's the latest installment:
 Donruss experimented with this Pop up / Stand Up insert for All-Stars and the results were pretty awesome. Panini should feel free to bring this back again.
 Good Pitching was a hallmark of Twins baseball in the championship years, both in the rotation and in the bullpen.
 Championships are won when all those little offseason and in-season moves click. Whether it was plucking a career back-up catcher from the scrap heap and plugging him into the starting role, developing a corner infielder from the 13th Round of the draft to be your righty platoon partner, Getting a speedy outfielder with pop via the Rule V draft, or backing up the Brinks truck to steal another team's ace, when it comes together, the results are magical.
The Package ends with a pair of big arms.

Thanks Mark!

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