Wednesday, April 20, 2016

No Junk Here - just a #SuperTrade

 Cha-Ching! Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk treated several of the #SuperTraders this week with cards. I'm digging this coin of super utility pioneer Cesar Tovar.
 Lots of low numbered serial cards - Arcia may have figured out a more patient approach this spring, he's starting to show signs of a beastmode year.
 Gotta love the early 80s "junk" and a "vintage" Eddie Rosario snuck in there as well.
 Some sweet horizontal heroes - I think Cuddyer is my favorite. It's a pretty stupid subset, but the fact that the players all played along and showed off their rally caps makes it stupid in a good way. Cuddy goes with the "shark" variation.
 even more serial numbered goodness- Sano finally hit his first homer of the year this week, and it was a LASER BEAM. Barely cleared the wall in left center, but carried another 20 feet or so before slamming into the back of the Twins' bullpen.
 BOOOF! Thankful that this Sweet Spot Sig has not faded like some are wont to do. Looks great!
 Minis! Adam Walker is knocking on the door, now at AAA. There isn't really a place for him on the MLB Roster yet, but if he keeps up that prodigious power, he'll make room for himself.
We'll round it out with two more serial numbered cards - Sano is one of just 75 green refractors.

Thanks Wes! I'll be putting together a return package soon.

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