Friday, April 29, 2016

Winning on eBay

Sometimes, it is a fun game to pick the low hanging fruit, other times you want to strike quickly.
 I won all of these with the filters of "Free Shipping" and number of bids "0" - I sort the list by lowest price, then pick my max bid (under a buck for each of these) and just wait it out. I win a little less than half the time, but the bargains, friends, the bargains.
 Here's a fun little oddball
 Coca Cola and Sonic team up to bring us the Minnie. I hadn't heard that Mickey and Minnie factoid before, that's neat.
 I actually lost this auction, but the seller had a second copy and offered it to me to Buy Now for the max bid I entered. SOLD.
 Pedro had just started his dominance there - 82 Ks in 77 innings? The best is yet to come...

 This one was not an auction at all - I was looking for the Kennys Vargas version of this card, but Perkins was on sale for $15. I snapped it up real quick.
It's the first Topps Clear in my collection, and I agree with everyone else that has stated that these are probably the coolest parallels that Topps puts out.


  1. I love this strategy when it comes to Ebay - it's gotten me some nice cardboard as well. That Minoso oddball is awesome; I've never seen that set before. I guess it was distributed at Sonic locations?

  2. Love the acetate cards. Congrats!