Monday, April 18, 2016

I Love the 80s Frankenset : 1981 Minnesota Twins

Here we go - a new series on the old Arbitrary... I'll be creating a page per team per year from 1981 - 1989. These are my choices for my favorite cards of the 80s. You can tell me where I'm wrong in the comments! I'd like to hear about your favorite cards from each team / year as they come up.

First up are my hometown team, the Minnesota Twins. The 1981 squad finished 7th in the AL West, with a player's strike limiting the team to 109 Games. This was the start of a rebuilding period for the Twins, who finished in 3rd place in 1980 and had said goodbye to Rod Carew the season before. In 1980 the team was slow (last in the AL in stolen bases), not particularly powerful (the team leader in HR was 3B John Castino with 13).

 The backs:

Fleer #557 - Ron Jackson
Topps #219 - Ken Landreaux 
Fleer #569 - Rob Wilfong
Topps #256 - Bombo Rivera (one of the great names in Twins History)
Kellogg's  3D Superstars #30 - Ken Landreaux (a great tidbit on the back of this card- Landreaux had the longest hitting streak in baseball in 1980)
Donruss #494 Danny Goodwin (Donruss was HARSH in 1981, referencing Goodwin only managing 2 Game winning RBI in 1980)
Fleer #552 - Jerry Koosman 
Donruss #593 Bombo Rivera
Topps #569 Al Williams

I picked these 9 purely using my own personal taste - either the image on the front was interesting, or the player was notable for a particular reason that year.


  1. Love this idea, that Goodwin mustache!

    1. If you like that one- just wait until the Tim Blackwell cards start showing up.

  2. O-Pee-Chee had 8 twins cards in 1981. #61 wynegar, 80 erickson, 89 darrell jackson, 115 smalley, 162 corbett, 278 sofield, 298 koosman, 304 castino. maybe swap out the extra Topps rivera or landreaux. Looking forward to the decade. (The 80's were awesome!)

    1. I'm saving O-Pee-Chee (and Leaf later on) for the Blue Jays and Expos, but that's a good idea!