Saturday, April 23, 2016

I Love the 80s: Just One Pack of 1982 Donruss

 I bid on some unopened packs on eBay, this one stayed cheap!
 No gum inside, just ads for gum on the outside.
 Instead, Donruss has the classic puzzle. This year's version is Babe Ruth.
 Most of the cards were in great condition. Nolan, on the other hand, had a little tear in the card just past his first name.
 Nolan, still going strong after the 1981 season. I wonder if anyone was thinking he'd be throwing no-hitters 10 years later...
 Diamond King of Alan .... Trammel?
 OK, I know you know how to spell this... Thanks Donruss.
 The next best players in the pack, I do love Foster's sideburns.
... and here's the rest. One Twin, the "other" Jim Morrison, Doc Medich, and what's up with the little green sticker on Matt Sinatro's helmet? Anyone know what that is? I am pretty sure I've seen it on other Braves cards from this era.


  1. Objectively I know that 1982 Donruss isn't a great set, but something about it has always appealed to me, going all the way back to when I was a teenager in 1982. Thanks for sharing your pack!

  2. I opened all but 3 of these cards in 1982.