Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A #Suped Up PWE

Mark from The Chronicles of Fuji was recently giving himself a hard time for his #SuperTrading - I think he's doing a fantastic job!
 These customs are great - did you have them made with each Topps design?
 I'll never get tired of that Dave Winfield card - such a great design and a great job of capturing a moment.
 Hometown Heroes! Making the most of no logos with a strong design. Can't beat Pennants!

 Two more of these "Museum Collection" dufex cards from Pinnacle. Love this effect - parallels rarely look this good!

Thanks Mark, I hope to have a few Athletics headed your way soon!


  1. Man... I might need to take a screenshot of you saying I'm doing a "fantastic job". ;) Glad to see another collector who appreciates that Winfield card and the Hometown Heroes pennants.

    1. Yes, you're more than welcome to quote me on that - thanks again!