Friday, August 14, 2015

Page One - At The Bat Rack Frankenset

Just trying out something a little different... Might not see another page of this one for a long, long time...

Here's a Frankenset using a mini-collection of mine, players at the bat rack.

Rules -
9 different players
9 different card sets
9 different teams
player is at the bat rack (or bat pile) in or near the dugout
Have fun (most important)

Page One:

The backs:

1 - Babe Ruth 1980 TCMA SuperStars
2 - Al Bumbry 1984 Fleer
3 - Chili Davis 1987 Mother's Cookies
4 - Duke Snider 1997 Starting Lineup Cooperstown Collection
5 - Lou Brock 2003 Fleer Fall Classic
6 - Derrick May 1994 Topps
7 - Ryan Klesko 1997 Score Artist's Proof
8 - Annabel Lee 1994 Upper Deck "Baseball: The American Epic" Set
9 - Gary Gaetti 1987 Fleer Record Setters

Fun Facts about Annabel Lee: 
Named after a poem by Edgar Allen Poe
A Pitcher (hey, the card is a pitcher at the plate, sort of) with the Minneapolis Millerettes
Aunt of Bill "Spaceman" Lee


Chili Davis just carries the bat rack with him.. that card was a bit of a stretch, but hey, I make the rules!


  1. This is crazy...I saw a 1970 Killebrew card on Joe Shlabotnik's blog yesterday and thought "I ought to put my bat rack cards together".

    This '61 Wes Covington card is my favorite

    1. Yes! that is a great one. The '61 Covington and Elmer Valo's 1957 Topps Card were the inspiration to start a bat rack collection.

  2. Great idea. Looking foward to the continuation of this frankenset.

  3. Love it! That Ruth is especially fantastic.

  4. Super awesome! Love the bat overload.

  5. I can't believe the women slid into bases with "uniforms" like that. Crazy.

    1. Those women were total badasses! I met one of them at the national - she had a booth of her own towards the back of the room. Great lady!