Sunday, August 23, 2015

From A Shoebox To My Mailbox

Shane From Shoebox Legends sent over a PWE this week:

Let's take a look inside!
 I'm a big fan of those O-Pee-Chee modern/retro/ripoffs. These look like a riff on 1976 Topps (though this Jesse Crain card is a black border parallel). The Sportflics card is Bert Blyleven and friends.
 A couple guys that came to the Twins with a lot of promise, but it didn't quite work out. I had real high hopes for Matt Walbeck taking the reins from . . .
 Brian Harper! A big part of the 1991 World Series team!
The Bowman Yellow Retail Parallels are a bit odd, but still pretty cool! Nick Gordon is Dee Gordon's younger brother, the Twins have big plans for him in the next couple years.

Thanks Shane, these are great!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards Brian. That Danny Rams auto was a dollar box pick-up at the last show I made it to months ago, and the rest are from my LCS. If I can get back there any time soon I should be able to get another PWE built up for you...

  2. That Nishioka is one of the best cards in the history of Topps Chrome.