Saturday, August 29, 2015

Recent online pickups

I'm in the middle of prolonged card buying drought, so I'm grasping at straws a bit for things to post. I'm saving up for a big addition at the next card show, so I've been resisting logging on to eBay or loading up my cart on Sportlots or COMC. I have held off on posting a few things, just in case I had to pull back the throttle a bit...

 These two were actually from the National - Sy Berger was in a dime box, and just a buck for the 68 Topps Tony Perez with giant Foil Stamp. That's the first buyback I've bought back for myself..
 Zorro (in a Dodgers uni) and The Count! I was browsing COMC and these two both popped out with their color. Most of Zoilo's Topps cards are unflattering head shots, especially later in his career when he was bouncing around a bit. I really like the Orange/Gold of the Giants' 70's uni. It might just be the product of the photo, age of the card, but I'm a fan regardless...
 Max Kepler is in AA this year - The Twins signed him as a 16 year old out of Germany, hoping to tap an untapped well of talent. He's struggled for several years, but his raw tools have kept hopes up. This year, he's putting it all together, and if it weren't for Buxton and Sano, a lot more people would be talking about Max Kepler.


  1. Good stuff! I need to find a copy of that Sy!

  2. That Giants uniform is great, way better than their gaudy "Champs" uniforms they use this year.

  3. I'm with Tim, I've gone without a copy of that Sy for far too long.