Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Showing Some Skills - Charlie Hough's Knuckler

I like cards that showcase what a player does best. Here's an ongoing feature showing just that.

For Kids of a certain age, Charlie Hough was always older than the dirt he meticulously removed from under his fingernails.

 Old. That's the sweet spot of my youth collection - 86 through 91. I've always thought of Hough as a Ranger first, even though he started his career as a Dodger.
 Hough floated on over to the South Side.
 Then things got a little goofy in South Florida.
 Dat grip tho.
 Hough was still slinging it into the early 90s.
 This might be my favorite Hough card, but it's not for the front...
Hough was a career .146 batter, with 33 hits in 25 years. To be fair, he was in the American League from 1980 until 1993, so no Plate Appearances for him for a little over half his career. 20 of his 53 career strikeouts came hitting with the Marlins in 1993... I guess he was a bit rusty?


  1. We gotta get you some Dodger Houghs. Although, sadly, the '70s weren''t very good at showing what players do best.

    1. I was a little shocked and chagrined when I looked through my vintage and didn't see any Houghs in there. I am going to make a point of looking for some the next time I hit up a card show.