Sunday, August 30, 2015

More online pickups - Vintage guys

There was a big stack of modern cards in the last post, but I also found some pretty cool Vintage in the last few months.

Remember Eddie Waitkus? Check out the back and see if that jogs your memory . .  .
 Eddie was the inspiration to certain elements of Bernard Malamud's classic baseball novel, The Natural. With the exception of the small stain on the back, this one was pretty sharp!

 This one looks like it was possibly trimmed on the bottom, or maybe it was just miscut.. Either way, it's an awesome card.

 And Finally, this one is a modern card, but it's a Vintage player - and a PC guy! The late, great Minnie Minoso.
 Ah, looks like a perfect spot for a signature in that whitespace...
I wonder what game counts as a "professional game" ? It would actually be pretty cool if it was a bat he used when he was with the Saint Paul Saints for a plate appearance. I suppose it could be from a major league game, that would be pretty cool too.


  1. Great pickups! I just started collecting Waitkus and I'm still looking for a real vintage card of his. Might have to make the '55 Bowman my first if I can find one cheap enough because I absolutely love that set.

    1. He's also in a Cubs uniform on his 1949 Bowman card. Waitkus has just one Topps Card (1952), but he's on Bowman cards in 49, 50, 51, 52, and 55.

      There are a couple TCMA cards that feature him, and he's in the 2014 Panini Golden Age set, too.

    2. Oh wait, he's also in the 1951 Topps Blue back set. I forgot about that one.