Sunday, May 3, 2015

The French Connection

Not you, Gene.

Nope, this is a post about the awesome Kevin from The Card Papoy who helped hook me up with a huge boost to my collection of Twins. He sent an order directly to me from Just Commons - everybody wins!

 I know man - that's a big stack of cards.
 Tony O!
 Some sweet 70's vintage.
 Justin Morneaus!
There were also a few assorted other things - Pokey Reese is awesome!


  1. The Pink Panther strikes again...

  2. The 'assorted' cards were errors made by justcommons. But at least, they're still pretty cool ! For the 70s vintage, I picked directly from your wantlist, so I hope there are no errors there. It made sense to have them sent directly to you (even though it means you didn't get Biebered, I'm sure you're a little sad), even though it's really weird to pick cards without knowing what they look like !

    1. ps : that 2007 Hunter A&G is awesome ! I'm glad I picked it blindly !

    2. Brilliant idea to ship directly, Kevin!

  3. That Hunter is awesome. Got a cart full at Just Commons just waiting on the time to pull the trigger, just sent out my first 4 trade packages so I'm waiting to order til those come in. Is just commons the best site for singles? COMC seems more pricey..

    1. COMC is pricier for commons. I would say Just commons is going to be the cheapest, however, there's also a site called Sportlots. The only catch with Sportlots is that it is a site of individual sellers and the sellers are the people shipping the cards.

      So, what that means is that Sportlots might have cheaper prices than anyone per card (.18 is the minimum they charge), your cost can go up quickly if you are buying from more than one seller. The site is a little outdated, I've found it difficult to sort and group cards to purchase by seller, but it can be done.

      You'll be the least of any place on Sportlots if you can get the cards you want from the same seller.

      COMC is great because you can sort everything and see everything before you buy it.

      I think all of those sites, and eBay, have their strengths. I use them all in a mix.

    2. I've found Comc better for cards 60's - mid 80's. Sportlots and just commons don't seem to have much of a selection pre 85

    3. Yep, I agree with Mark on Vintage. COMC is the best of the three for that. If I have the option I always want to see the vintage card. Usually I will buy vintage in person instead of online if I have the chance, but COMC (and eBay) is where I usually buy vintage.