Saturday, May 23, 2015

Showing Some Skills - Ichiro's Infield Artistry

I like cards that showcase what a player does best. Here's an ongoing feature showing just that.

In this installment, Ichiro will be beating out an infield single:

The following are all real* quotes (*found on the internet, so take it with a grain of salt)

“I think there’s sexiness in infield hits because they require technique."
 “If I’m in a slump, I ask myself for advice.”
 "I don't know of many fans who go to the ballpark hoping to see a hitter draw a walk."
"The nature of batting is such that even if a pitcher gives you 10 tosses right down the middle, you're still not going to bat 1.000."
“I’m told I either look bigger than I do on television or that I look smaller than I look on television. No one seems to think I look the same size.”
 "You can call some guys' infield hits cheap, but not his. He has amazing technique." --Brandon Inge
 “I don’t know how to dance and I don’t know how to sing. All I know how to do is play baseball.”
"Personally I don't like the term success. It's too arbitrary, and too relative a thing. It's usually someone else's definition not yours."

“A lot of 25-year-olds move like they’re 41, so my goal is to be the 41-year-old who plays like he’s 25,”


  1. Great post! That UD Vintage single is awesome! It would be so much better if it was cropped a bit wider to see more of the race to the bag.

    1. I could be wrong, But I think the pitcher he's beating to the bag is none other than Randy Johnson (the number on the pitcher's glove is #51) !

  2. My favorite translated quote is when from he signed with the Marlins as a free agent.

    “That must be what it feels like to be a puppy at a pet shop,” Ichiro explained in his unique style. “Amongst all the cute little puppies jumping and tumbling for prospective owners, there’s one who’s a little older, a little more mature, who keeps getting passed over for the more adorable ones. When someone finally comes along and points a finger at him, an undying loyalty is born.”

    1. That's a great one! Ichiro has always been a great interviewee.