Monday, May 18, 2015

Showing Some Skills - Ivan's Cannon

I like cards that showcase what a player does best. Here's an ongoing feature showing just that.

In this installment, Ivan Rodriguez is throwing out a runner:

 Hey, get ready, I'm gonna throw this guy out...
 This is gonna be so good.
 Get the ball...
 Don't even need to get up to throw this guy out...
 But I will!
 Throw you out in Texas,
 Throw you out in Florida,
 throw so hard
 my mask flies off
 It's a work of art.
Yeah, you know he's out, crawl on back to the dugout, meat.


  1. I wonder how much HOF support he will get. I think he'll get in eventually -- he's sort of like Gary Carter for the next generation: never the best catcher in baseball thanks to Piazza, but really really good for a long time.

    1. I would be surprised if he went first ballot, but I would be more surprised if he didn't get voted in by the writers. He will be in by player's vote for sure, if the writers don't elect him.

  2. I think the support will be their eventually. The Jaws system has him 3rd all time just behind Bench and Carter and just ahead of Fisk and Piazza. Probably what hurts him is that he stuck around a little too long.

    1. I think the five year rule is a good one to have for a player that sticks around a little long. The writers are more apt to remember the good old days (the Marlins' World Series win, his early dominance with Rangers, etc.) than the team hopping he did at the end of his career.

  3. Love it!

    I think the PED allegations will hinder his HOF chances, but I hope he gets in.

    1. I agree - though in a funny way, I think the allegations also compare him to Piazza along with the stats, I get the completely unscientific feeling that Ivan will be remembered more fondly than Piazza (and Bagwell, for that matter). Though I think for all three it's just a matter of time. Bonds/Sosa/McGwire/A-Rod I am less certain about - I think the players also have a fair amount of animosity towards the latter group.