Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Drum roll please . . .

Well, that kind of blows the surprise, doesn't it Bieber? Any time The Beebs makes an appearance, you can be assured that Kevin from The Card Papoy blog is involved.

We've been sending some awesome stuff back and forth across the Atlantic, and this latest stack is no different:
A trio of 1983 Twins at the top...

There's a team set of Topps Tek Twins, right there....


Some very nice trios! Holograms (had to find the right angle for everyone to see the full awesomeness), The texture rich Ovation set, and three Twins that have been the team's top prospect at one time or another.

I was bummed that there was not much on display for Harmon at the Hall of Fame, so you bet your bippy I was happy to see the Killer in this stack.

Thanks Kevin! As usual, some awesome stuff!


  1. Ovation is my all time Favorite brand/set.

    1. It is a pretty cool concept and Upper Deck pulled it off well.