Monday, May 25, 2015

Right on the button: Trading with Night Owl

I have been trading with several bloggers so far in the first few months of this blog, but this is my first trade with Night Owl.  I doubt I need to introduce Night Owl Cards to my readers, but suffice it to say he writes one of the best blogs on the internet, not just the best baseball card collecting blog. If you're not reading it, how the heck did you find mine? Also, go read it. Among other great topics, he's doing his All-Time Topps countdown right now. On to the trade . . . 
Whew! A healthy stack of Twins right there.
Here's the whole 2008 Topps Twins team set- nice!
Some favorites, including a new Kirby. He's ... wearing a catcher's mitt. What's that about?
A ha! I definitely needed this one. One more down on the 1956 set and this one is a beauty! Pitcher on the basepaths, y'all.
Twins hitting coach Tom Brunansky in his playing days on a Fun Foods Button- Bruno has the Twins hitting very well in the first four innings. This package was hit the spot perfectly on my return home! Thanks Night Owl.


  1. I must not be up on my Senators/Twins history enough -- I don't think I've ever seen the Senators referenced as the "Nationals" in the 1950s before. Were they embarrassed by Senator Joe McCarthy and decided to be Nationals instead?

  2. The official team name of the Washington franchise was the Nationals from 1905-1956. However, journalists and fans (and Topps) used "Senators," "Nats," "Nationals," and to a lesser extent, "Sens," interchangeably.

  3. Love the shot of Stobbs on the basepaths. Looks like a great package!

  4. Happy return! Nothing better than seeing cards in the mailbox, I say.

    1. Agreed! Thanks again for the trade.