Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Trade Bait: New(er) stuff!

Hello cats and kittens, let's talk trades.

I have sent out a few packages to the good folks that have contacted me so far. I'm adding this post to show a few items that might fit someone's specialty needs from the new 2015 Topps and some other recent issues.

Here are some scans of 2015 Topps that are available to a good home in trade:

Here are some parallels from the recent past:


Some random relics/autos:

I foolishly sold off a box filled with 2014 Topps Heritage / Topps Archives / Donruss singles to a vendor at a card show in December because I thought I would be stuck with the cards forever! Now I wish I still had that box because I just know there would so things I could trade in there. Ah well, Live and learn!

I realized that scanning everything was going to take forever, so there's just a small taste and a random sampling.

Interested in anything scanned above? Interested in trading in General? Send me a message using the handy contact form on the right of my blog, or a comment with a way to contact you below. I'll update this post as things are claimed. I'll make new posts for new trade bait items.


  1. Good crop of cards. I think Zippy Zappy might be looking for the red parallels for his overseas friends.

    1. Thanks for the tip - I will reach out to him soon.

    2. I could use all of those Target reds, that Darvish and the Michael Taylor auto.

      If you're interested I've got a few Twins that need a good home.

    3. You've got a deal - send me an e-mail with your address and I will get them in the mail to you shortly!

  2. I'd love to trade ! (if you don't mind sending stuff overseas that is). I'm looking for Blue Jays / Griffeys, as you know. I just need to see if anything in my collection fits your needs.

    1. Cool - There's a gigantic gap in my collection between 1995-2005, and I'm not limited to Twins by any means. I'll save the Blue Jays auto in the scan above for you and I should have several other things that would fit. I'll send you an e-mail when I get home from work.