Saturday, February 28, 2015

Quite a Hoyle

Many of you know Mark Hoyle, Red Sox fan, frequent reader and commenter, and great trade partner.

I sent Mark a short stack of Red Sox and the return was a big blast of vintage:

Great action on the Crowley shot (Terry was the Twins' Hitting Coach for many years of my youth), Charlie Fox is too cool for school, Willie McCovey is stylin'. Just a great attack on the old want list.

These Pucketts were all new to me

 These Jumbo Size cards are pretty cool!

Ah, The Metrodome - so dumpy, so dingy - so many great memories. My ears are still ringing.

Here's the whole stack in action, it was quite a haul - Very Cool Mark, these were great!

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  1. Nice bunch ! I love trading with Mark, he always surprises me with cards I didn't know existed