Thursday, February 26, 2015

I've been Zapped

Zippy Zappy zapped me good.

He was interested in some Target Red Parallels, and so he contacted me and sent along this package in trade:

 This is my first Joe Mauer card in a foreign language! Zippy Zappy says that the back mentions the legend that Mauer never struck out in High School - close - he only struck out once

It's a pretty cool card regardless of any fanciful tales of derring-do.

Ooh, Shiny and Sign-y:

The best thing the Twins have going for them these days is their farm system, and Zippy hooked me up with the very best:

Buxton, Sano, Rosario, Berrios (who started the Futures Game in 2014), Mitch Garver and Oswaldo Arcia, who's been up with the Twins for awhile. These guys are all fantastic prospects, it has a lot of Twins fans excited for 2016.

There was a little taste of some vintage as well

I just got Zapped and it was pretty fantastic.

I've packed up and shipped out a return with those red parallels and maybe a little something extra?

Thanks Very Much!


  1. Glad you were able to swap with Zippy. He is one of the best!

    1. Thanks again for letting me know he might want the red parallels!

  2. Got your package yesterday, Brian. I'm finna hook u up wit beacoup Twiz-ins myself.

    Zippy Z is a DELIGHT.

  3. The zapping a are always a welcome sight

  4. Glad the cards got to you safely. Looking forward to our next transaction :).