Friday, February 6, 2015

First new packs of 2015

2015 arrived today in Minneapolis. Topps Baseball, I mean.

Here's the first pack for me:

And my favorites from that pack (Colabello was the first card upon opening the pack.):

Kennys Vargas is a beast and totally awesome. This is his first regular Topps issue card. I have his 2014 Heritage high number and his pre-rookie Bowman prospect card already, so I guess you could say I'm doing a PC of Vargas. Looking forward to his cards being more ubiquitous this year!

I also purchased a hanger box, which should have about 72 cards, and a blaster box with 10 packs.

If you did not get in on one of the group breaks and have a favorite team, I'm most likely just keeping a selection of these cards and I probably will have doubles, so let me know if you're looking to trade. Contact form is on the right of my blog's main page.

Edited to Add: The Blaster Box contained a "First Home Run Medallion" card - Phillies phans, check it out:


  1. Looks like a solid first pack! I finally got my hands on some 2015 Topps on Thursday, and then I went back and grabbed a few more loose packs yesterday as well.

    1. I am very pleased with the 2015 set, I am starting to consider building it after all. My first thought was to buy a bunch to have as trade bait, but the more I look at them, the more I like them. I might just make a post of things available for trade in the next week or so.
      I get the sense that a lot of bloggers are finding what they need for their own collections pretty quickly.