Saturday, February 28, 2015

Infield Fly Rule Hits One Out of the Park

This first round of trades has been going almost too well - I can't keep up with all the amazing stuff coming in.

Adam from Infield Fly Rule has hooked me up with two boxes crammed with cards.

One is all Twins:

And my favorite Twin (or Clone, even though we don't like to talk about those issues), Spider-Man:

The other attacks my general 1995-2005 gap and some more specific wantlist needs:

I mean, check out these awesome 90's inserts:
I Nied-ed that Diamond king (sorry not sorry)

Wow! Very generous, I owe Adam another return package for this bonanza! 


  1. Adam's always good for some great cards. Looks like a fun couple of boxes to sift through!

  2. Flat rate boxes are the best; they're so much fun to fill up! Glad you found lots to like!