Monday, February 16, 2015

Favorite Card Backs

(I'm using a bunch of COMC images because my scanner and I are having a little disagreement... should have it all worked out tomorrow)

I'm not sure if it is a coincidence or if it is fate (maybe it's just.... arbitrary), but many of my favorite card backs have come from years ending in 4.

Take this Angel Scull card:

1954 Topps #204 - Angel Scull - Courtesy of

Not only is the name Angel Scull amazing by itself, but the first line "Angel, a Cuban speed merchant," is a fantastic opener. The whole 1954 set is well-known for great comics on the back and colorful and appealing design.

Then in 1964, we have Mr. Bennett, who just might be the Phillies' first (and only) time-trave
ling pitcher:

1964 Topps #561 - Phillies Rookie Stars (Dave Bennett, Rick Wise) - Courtesy of

I've mentioned my love for 1984 Topps backs before - They share a lot of the same qualities of other 80s backs, but this is only one from Topps to include the full color team logo. Nice!
1984 Topps #28 - Frank Viola - Courtesy of

Similar to the 18 year old 19 year old, 1987 Topps features a right-handed throwing left-handed Quarterback, Tom Foley:

1987 Topps #78 - Tom Foley - Courtesy of
That is an impressive feat, though I can see why he chose baseball instead of football since they let him use his dominant hand to throw the ball...

Score has some of the best copy - you learn a lot about the player from the backs of these cards - here's the first one I grabbed from a pile of 1988 Score cards:
1988 Score #158 - Lee Mazzilli - Courtesy of

Such flowery prose!

And of course, my favorites are the 1948 Bowman set - lots of nicknames, lots of great stories:

Do you have a favorite card back? Maybe an example or two of some really hilarious errors, or unintentionally funny biographical details about the player?   


  1. I think my favorites might be '73 Topps and of course '71 OPC with the "floating head" backs. I think card backs in general don't get enough collector love/attention. I try to includes scans of card backs frequently on my blog.

    1. Yeah 1971 OPC! I should have mentioned those. I don't see them at shows very often, though, I don't have any to show off.
      I love a good card back!