Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Group "Trade" - it's Happening!

Hello everyone - Happy Wednesday!

There was a positive response to the idea of trading some freshly busted wax, so I am going to be moving forward with doing a group break of some older boxes (1995-2005).

Today's post is for two things:
First, to sign up for slots (if you haven't already)

Second, to help decide which boxes to break.

Part One, assigning the teams:

•Arizona Diamondbacks :
•Atlanta Braves - John  (Johnny's Trading Spot)
•Baltimore Orioles/Saint Louis Browns
•Boston Red Sox - Shane (Shoebox Legends)
•Chicago White Sox - Jeff (2X3 Heroes)
•Chicago Cubs - Tom (Waiting 'Til Next Year)
•Cinncinnati Reds - Nachos Grande
•Cleveland Indians
•Colorado Rockies - Adam (Infield Fly Rule)
•Detroit Tigers
•Florida Marlins
•Houston Astros
•Kansas City Royals
•Los Angeles Angels
•Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL
•Milwaukee Brewers/Seattle Pilots - Tony (Off Hiatus)
•Minnesota Twins/Washington Senators - Brian (that's me)
•New York Mets - Dan (Daily Autograph, Keys to the Batters Box)
•New York Yankees - Tim B. (I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning)
•Oakland Athletics
•Philadelphia Phillies
•Pittsburgh Pirates - Matthew Scott (Bob Walk The Plank)
•San Diego Padres
•San Francisco Giants
•Seattle Mariners - Kevin (The Card Papoy)
•St. Louis Cardinals
Tampa Bay Rays
•Texas Rangers
•Toronto Blue Jays - Al Kawamoto
•Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos

okay, so lots of options left, leave a comment below and I will edit the post.

Part two: The boxes!

I think a small break of three boxes would be good to test this out.

Maybe vote for something in each of the categories below? I'll buy boxes no earlier than Friday, so there's some time for discussion and recommendations and nominations for boxes.

One Box of Topps Gallery (Which year?)

One Box of Stadium Club or similar (suggestions?)

One Box of Something Different (previous example was 1998 Pacific Omega - this is kind of a wild card)

So, there we go - sign up if you haven't already, suggest a box, tell your friends...


  1. I like 1999 Topps Gallery and a box of '97 or '03 Stadium Club, but I'm not picky in the least. Looking forward to this!

    1. Any suggestions for an oddball third box? I really have no clue what was out there in the late 90s early 00s and more importantly what was good.

    2. Unfortunately I'm of minimal help there, as I didn't collect at all from about 1996 through 2007 (part of the reason I'm so interested in this break!). I'll see what I can find out there though!

    3. I have a couple ideas, and I will be going to a card show on Saturday; there are a few vendors that carry hobby boxes. So I hope they either have something fun and cheap, or they can give me some suggestions of something to break.

  2. I didn't collect much baseball during this time period also---need a lot of Jays---any assortment would be excellent (SC looks good)

  3. I like the 2003 Gallery for my #1 choice, 2002 Fleer Greats of the Game as my #2 choice, as for a third oddball any of those pacifics you posted when you first mentioned the break is good. Like everyone else, I have a lot of holes in these years. Looking forward to anything.

  4. That 2002 Fleer Greats of the Game looks awesome and I love the idea of any of the Stadium Club offerings from this time period. I'm with everyone else though, not going to be picky.

  5. I mostly pulled those images at random, so it could really be anything that people are interested in.
    Personally, I'd like some Topps Gallery, so that's up there on purpose, but I am open to any year.
    Greats of the Game are pretty close to unanimously a good idea. 2002 was the first year of it, I think?

    The Wild Card could end up being more than one box of things depending on what is available (either online or at this card show) - I'm hoping that I can get at the very least 3 boxes total, while still keeping the $$ spent at a reasonable number. I'm not necessarily looking for "cheap" things, but rather fun or interesting things

  6. If the price is right I can jump on the White Sox.

    1. The price is just sending me back a trade package of cards for what you get from the break. Easy as (Deep Dish) pie from Giordano's

  7. I like 2003 Gallery and 2002 Greats. As for the third I would leave up to you.

  8. I'd like to sign up for the Rockies. I'd pick 2000 Gallery and I'll throw my vote in with 2002 Greats. For an oddball, I think something from Pacific. Perhaps 1998 Online or 2000 Crown Royale?

    1. Cool. Is there particular significance to the 2000 Gallery Set vs other years?

      My informal poll has 1 vote for 1999, 1 for 2000 and 2 for 2003.

      I don't recall who the rookies would be in each set, but I was leaning towards 2000 myself before I posted just because there might be some 1954-style cards in the box... I don't know enough about the inserts to have a preference...

  9. Too bad the Blue Jays have been claimed ! Don't worry, it won't keep me from sending you cards !

    1. Don't you worry, either! I'm already starting a second stack of cards to cross the ocean - Blue Jays and Gold Glovers and so on.
      A lot of the unclaimed teams will be potential trade bait (and I do plan on keeping cool unclaimed things too).

  10. So.... Looking at the Checklists, I think I actually would be more interested in 2002 or 2003 Topps Gallery. The Twins are really marginally represented in 99 and 2000 (Remember Todd Walker?).

  11. If the Cubs haven't been claimed yet I'd like to jump on board.

    My collection is pretty much void of Cubs from 1994 through 2008, so anything would be of help. I do like the looks of the Bowman's Best series though. Others that are cheaper and would be fun: '96 Topps Bazooka, and '95 Upper Deck Minors. I saw both of these on Dave and Adam's Card World.

    The Minors set has Derek Jeter, Vladimir Guerrero, Paul Konerko, and Michael Jordan in it.

  12. i'll go for the dodgers. any sort of box of fleer greats is a good idea

  13. I'd love to sign up for the Brewers (and sorry it took so long to jump on board). I love the Topps Gallery, so I'd push for the 1999 box. I'll end up with next to nothing, but they are awesome cards!

    1. Sure thing - I've got you down for the Brew Crew.

  14. If you give a care about my thoughts: Gallery - any year. No opinion. Would love to see some mid to late 90's SC ripped. Third box? Hmmm....I like hearing the talk of Pacific. Can we find any cheap boxes of that?

    1. I'm looking for a good box #3, there's a multi-pack lot of Pacific Omega (1998) that I've had my eye on, but it's not a sealed box.. seems a bit sketchy to me (not the seller, just the item(s)). I plan on heading to a card shop in the next couple days that may have something fun.

  15. I'll grab the Mariners, hoping for some Griffeys !