Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday's card show "Winfall"

A "Winfall" - as in Winfield:

A vendor was selling tons of junk wax era singles and had an album of stars and HOFers at 1 dollar per page. I bought all 6 pages of Dave Winfield - this was just a small sample. I ended up with a few cards I already owned, but at 9 for a dollar I wasn't being picky.

It was a big big day for vintage as well, as I found an off-condition Minnie Minoso rookie card along with some other very fun gems:

Just a dollar fifty for the Oliva rookie, I will upgrade it eventually, but at that price it was an easy choice. Aparicio has a patch on his sleeve commemorating the Star Spangled Banner.

 Quick Trivia question - What is Vic Janowicz's claim to fame?

The vendor that gets all my money saved some 1948 Bowmans for me, and these really took the cake.

"Pistol Pete" Reiser, Johnny Mize, Rex Barney, and Ray Poat. A little chippy and dirty, but that never bothered me. Oh... And "The Heater from Van Meter" I almost forgot. I broke my previous record for spending today on a single card, but adding a Bob Feller card to my collection was an opportunity I could not pass up. He gave me a really good deal on it, like he does with everything else.

As usual, there were dimebox deals as well, and I found some fun things:
The Canseco is a box bottom card.

As usual for a show in Minnesota, there were lots of Twins to choose from, so I didn't pass up the chance to add some Mauer Power and a Kirby card from the dark ages of my collecting days:

Ok, so maybe I buried the lede a bit on that Bob Feller find, but overall I really cleaned up at the show today. I got some fantastic deals on vintage and junk wax.

I found some 2-pocket pages in the shop as well, so I'll be able to display some of my vintage wax wrappers in style (Thanks to Mark Hoyle for the tip!)


  1. Great finds! I've always wanted to own a copy of that '52 Minoso. Love all the early Bowmans and the Leaf Vandermeer as well!