Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Rosie Rainbow Quest Begins With "Opening Day"

Well well well - we might not have any baseball right now, but the thrill of the chase is still alive. This year, I am chasing a ROSIE RAINBOW so buckle up! Opening Day is a "budget" release, so the parallels don't get too crazy.

Here's a Red Foil parallel - "March 26, 2020" hey, there's an uncorrected error! (wail)

A Purple Parallel from Meijer.

The "official" Blue "Opening Day" parallel, which has a reported print run of 2020 copies.

It's not numbered, though, so we'll just have to take Topps' word for it!

Here's the rainbow so far! 2020 Topps series 2 is still currently scheduled to be released in June, I will be hunting all those pesky parallels, including the clear/acetate parallel numbered to just 10 copies!

Of course you may recall as regular readers of the blog my "White Whale" is a Clear Parallel of Kennys Vargas from 2015. That ship has sailed most likely, to mix a metaphor or two. But I did find this fun 5x7 of Vargas that was an online exclusive in 2015. This was part of a Twins team set, but I just grabbed the single off eBay for a few bucks. 


  1. That's a really nice Vargas! Good luck with the Rosie rainbow. I'll keep you in mind if I see any cards you need.

  2. Rosario gets another great card! His 2019 topps card was one of my favorites last year.

  3. Congratulations on completing the OD rainbow! I might need to build a Ramon Laureano rainbow.

  4. While I'm not a fan of Opening Day product, the blue foils are always nice additions to my collection. I noticed a new BBM Vargas uploaded to TCDB yesterday and thought of you. Looks like he may do well in Japan. He appears to be happy just playing the game.

  5. Congrats on completing a rainbow so early in the year