Thursday, March 26, 2020

Happy Opening Da-angit! (Sad Trombone)

Today was scheduled to be MLB's Opening Day - thumbs up all around!

Unfortunately, the season is delayed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and the necessary step of limiting crowds and maintaining social distance is in place to help limit the spread of the virus, which has already infected more people in the United States than any other country in the world.


There is not much to say, I am glad we are taking the right approach here in MN. The Lieutenant Governor lost her brother to COVID-19, and we have had 346 positive cases in the state, 59 new positive cases on 3/26 alone.

The 2020 season may be delayed for several months, and may be cancelled altogether. I will be more than happy to wait for it, so long as we can flatten the curve and start to see some relief for hospitals and their staffs along with all the front line workers who have been keeping the food supply chain moving. I am fortunate to have a job that allows me to work from home.

Spring Training was cut short - - many plans that have been floated for resuming the season involve a second Spring Training. I can't think of many things that would be a more welcome sight than players returning to FL and AZ.

Of course, when the season does start, Opening Day across MLB should be smiles all around. Stay Safe out there!


  1. It's tough not to be bummed about the lack of baseball, especially today. But it will be extra nice to see games again once we get rid of the coronavirus and life returns to normal.

  2. It's a bummer. I think a lot of people are yet to realize that we're potentially talking about a year where we might not get sports at all until super late in the year (like, even the 2020-21 season for the NBA/NFL/NHL is severely affected, levels of late).

  3. Well done choosing certain cards in this post.
    I read where three players from a team in Japan all contracted the virus yesterday. They had been playing spring games without fans. The initial reaction was their timetable would remain unchanged, but I'm curious to see how their decisions play out. How the Japanese league handles it could be a big indicator of what MLB should and should not do going forward.

  4. That Reggie card is great. Color computer!

  5. The way these numbers continues to rise... I sure hope it peaks soon. It's depressing to think about just how many people and their families have been affected by this ordeal. At least baseball cards help me take my mind off of it on a short term basis.