Wednesday, January 8, 2020

New To Me From Kennys V

Keeping up with Kennys continues! We'll start with 2019 BBM 2nd Series. This card was not easy for me to get - the only place I could find it was on eBay in a lot of 7 other copies. I figured that this was the way that the seller was going to recoup international shipping fees, but I tried to message them anyway to make a deal for just one card. They didn't budge, so I did. I uh, have a few extras if anyone wants one!

I've shared the "insert" from the Chiba Lotte Marines team set before, a colorful card titled "PUMP UP" - this one is the base card from that team set.

Here's where the fun comes in - this is the Japanese equivalent of Topps NOW, and it is called "Epoch One." Kennys did something on April 4th, and this card is in honor of that epic moment. 

I couldn't bring myself to spend a couple hundred bucks on the big dual auto booklet featuring Vargas and Brandon Laird, but I wouldn't be denied this autograph from that same Chiba Lotte Marines team set.

Here are the backs - kind of hard to see, but the Epoch One card had a print run of just 22 copies, which is printed on the bottom.

Vargas' autograph was numbered to just 40! I had fun tracking these down, thanks again to Kenny, who pointed me towards the website for the big time card seller in Japan, Mint.